We made bread today

Can you remember what you made was it a mouse a hedgehog or a lion!




Was it yummy!!

Can you remember what any of the ingredients are?




7 thoughts on “We made bread today

    1. fledglings Post author

      Excellent, yes flour was an ingredient and used to manipulate the dough with too on the work surface.
      The raisins were for the eyes.
      WELL DONE!

    1. fledglings Post author

      He did think about it before he made his final decision which was perfectly fine.
      Just hope he enjoyed eating it as much as he did making it!!

  1. Lyndsey

    Lillie made a mouse she couldn’t remember ingrediants but she ate it all as soon as we got home and said “it’s yummy” but she said “yuk the eyes are disguisting” (the raisins)


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