Play along session at the allotment

What did you find?


Can you remember what you made with grand dad.



What did you pull out and eat later?


Where does garden waste go?


Parents were a GREAT HELP.  A BIG THANKS from the children.


4 thoughts on “Play along session at the allotment

  1. Emma Bristow

    Hollie had lots of fun on the allotment yesterday
    She enjoyed pulling the spouts off the stalk and putting the waste in the compost bin
    Hollie also found a few wriggly worms!

    1. fledglings Post author

      Wow what fun!! I wonder which worm was the longest?
      Did you taste the sprouts after we washed and cooked them. There are still more left if you did not try any.
      Well done for putting the stalks in the recycle bin too.
      Thanks ytou mummy for joining in with our play session together.

  2. Sarah Mayren

    Evie said she enjoyed the gardening with Grandad, Daddy, Hollie and Mrs Clough saying “I’m looking at a worm, I found it in the soil. I looking at sprouts and potatoes with Hollie.” She also said that you put the waste “in the big bin”. It looked like great fun!

    1. fledglings Post author

      What an excellent memory and all correct. It was a really fun time and we thank everyone for your support.


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