How are Ben Austin Amelia and Jessica’s plants growing – only days left!!

Eva has added her height today – was it 36cm?



4 thoughts on “SUNFLOWER -GROWTH

  1. Jen Ripley

    Yes 36cm! We were a little behind the rest becuase Eva managed to bring home a pot without a seed in it (which i watered for a good week or more – doh!). She’s really enjoyed watching it grow (once we finally put a seed in the pot)! X

    1. fledglings Post author

      Wow!! Eva didn’t put the seed in how cheeky is that…..
      BUT as we have found with our runner beans we planted 4 hanging baskets and only 3 grew so it may be just one of those things. Well done for repotting though you are super stars.
      36cm is amazing. We will advise on the blog the winner soon

  2. Emma Tighe

    We had a bit of a disaster with Amelia’s sunflower. It had grown to 43cm but snapped in wind :-(
    Well done Eva! X

    1. fledglings Post author

      Well done you did very well. Sorry about the wind. the height of 43cm is amazing.
      We will tell you the winner shortly.


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