Settling In

Its week two and all the children are settling well and making new important friendships.

You can see them planting herbs for the garden, dancing with scarves and sheer joy of finding an insect in the allotment.

Ask the children if they can remember what they were doing, what they foundĀ and share their comments with us please.









6 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Brent

    Alexander has shown a lot of interest helping in the garden this weekend. He’s loved digging and help move soil and we’ve put some grass seed down to see how it will grow. Also any worms we’ve found, Alexander has carefully put them in some soil and covered them up so they “don’t get burned by the sun”!

  2. Jen Ripley

    So lovely to see these photos and see what they’re all getting up to! I showed Eva the picture of everyone playing with the scarves and she remembered throwing them high and catching them. She said “it was fun”. Today when we left nursery she pointed to the allotment and said “I went there today and saw tomatoes”. She told me they were “orange and red” and there were “big ones and little ones”. She’s really loving Fledglings and is so excited to go in the morning and see her friends.

  3. Neil Whittingham

    Jack is really starting to settle in at Fledglings now and he is running in and not looking back when I bring him in a morning. All credit to the team for the outstanding effort, it is clear to see, that you all make every day.

    1. fledglings Post author

      Thank you so much daddy for your kind words you are right the staff and the children already have a strong bond together especially with their key person.
      Once they feel happy and safe their confidence grows and they are able to achieve easily through play in the setting.

  4. Heather Coombs

    totally agree with all the comments- Rosie just loves school!
    She is learning the routine quickly and has settled in so well
    Thank you to all


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