Monthly Archives: June 2016

Update on Sunflower

THANK YOU for keep me updated.

Megan has sent a photograph of her sunflower.

Remember at the end of term the person with the tallest flower will get a prize.

Well done everyone and keep me up dated with the actual heights.


Major Tim Peake

Major Tim Peak had a ‘link’ with the setting today to advise that it was the BLUE seeds that had been in space.

The majority of children thought it was the blue seeds too!

We found that the growth of both sets of seeds was very similar.

We had to dispose of the seeds that had been in space as he had instructed.

The red seeds have been plated in the allotment.

A reminder for PARENTS all this was instigated because a crater landed in our garden area with a burnt letter from children on another planet saying all their books had been destroyed and could we help them.

As a class we said YES WE COULD and they compiled two Fledglings Adventure stories!

We thought about many ways to get the books back to them. Ladders, trampolines and parachutes were all considered.The children decided to contact Major Tim and his Russian friends brought the seeds and took the books back with them.

The project has been a great success and supported story writing and investigating in the nursery.



Our new area is looking good!!

Last week we noticed that our tomatoes are starting to grow.

Today Mrs Clough and the children were planting 3 kinds of  which plant?

Can anyone tell me what was planted.