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We had a very special visitor yesterday.  Can anyone remember who it was please?

Can anyone remember who was picked to be dressed up and what were the names of the clothes she ware.

Did you all enjoy using the fire hose?


People Who Help Us

Yesterday we had another SPECIAL visitor.  A Nurse from Shevington Health Centre.

The reason it was extra special was because as a little girl she attended this setting and wanted to revisit us ALL.


It made our day as well as all the children too.

Can they remember what was  happening to Mrs Grady please.



Yesterday we had a special visitor, It was Charlie’s grandad.

Together we planted 3 different items.

Can anyone remember which they were.

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His grandad has won 105 prizes for growing vegetables so we are very lucky to have his support.

WHICH of the vegetables are called ‘bluebell’ and ‘casablanc?’